Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potty Training!!!

Potty Training--Who ever thought those two little words could bring such stress and worry to a mom?!! Avery has been working on going on the potty for a while now. Well, I have put her on the potty and she has gone some over the past few months. But none of it was of her own accord. Well, my friend Amy showed me this video that was shown on the Today show and we followed it and it has worked very well so far! Here is the link:

If you watch the video, it will show you what we did. It has been a little over a week now and Avery has been wearing big girl panties with only a few accidents during the first few days. She goes in the potty all by herself and I am so proud of her! This picture is from one day when I knew she needed to go. (Sorry if this is TMI.) #2's don't come very often, so I told her if she did #2 in the potty she could have one of Daddy's white donuts. (The powdered sugar kind that leave lovely sugar lips!) Well, that's all it took because a while later, she got her donut! We have gone to the store and restaurants and all except for one time so far, she stays dry! Yay for Avery! I just wanted it to happen sometime before the next baby comes, and hooray, it happened!!!!


Emily said...

That's a great video!! Thanks for sharing that. I think it'll really help.
Way to go, Avery!