Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ultrasound #2

Well, here is our little peanut at 12 weeks. I guess it's more the size of a large lime right now. A little over 2 inches long. The doctor's appointment went great and everything looked good. The heartbeat looked good, too and we finally got to hear it for the first time! That was a big assurance to me. Even though you can see it beating on the ultrasound, it's nice to hear it with your own ears. We have the rudest ultrasound technician ever, so she acted like it was ridiculous to even try to look at the sex of the baby. I knew she would be like this, but I wanted to say, "IT'S MY BABY, I CAN LOOK AT ITS CROTCH IF I WANT TO!!" But of course, being the polite person that I am, I did not. So we will have to endure another 8 weeks of not knowing unless my mom can get one of her friends at her old clinic to do an earlier ultrasound on me which is what I am hoping for!! I know this picture if hard to make out, because our tech doesn't try to take time to get a good picture. The head is to the left and those little white spots above the forehead are the fingers of the left hand up by the head. Oh, no...maybe a drama queen. :) The body extends to the right and the legs are kind of curled up. Maybe next time it will be a better picture!! If this pregnancy goes like the one with Avery, I should have just a couple more weeks of nausea, but maybe it will be finished earlier!!!


Emily said...

Oh, I hope the nausea ends soon! Glad the little peanut is doing well. :)