Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July!

Watermelon is one of Avery's FAVORITE foods! Usually I cut it up for her in bite-sized pieces and she has to lean over her plate so as not to stain her clothes. This is the first time she has gotten to have a big slice and just go at it! She loved it!

Cousins Avery (2) and Kate (1). They are only 6 months apart! Look how big they are getting!

The little kids were all decked out in their fourth of July clothes! They were so cute!

What a cute group!!--Ashley (9), Austin (6), Hayden (6 days short of 6), Ashton (4), Avery (2), and Kate (1).

Yes, we snacked all day long! Aunt Joyce is never without a good spread of food!

Bathing Beauty

This is how Avery watched most of the fireworks. She did do some of the popping things you throw on the ground, and a couple of sparklers, but she wasn't a fan of the loud noises.

The 4th of July was really fun this year! We went to the Friske's pool as usual (Craig's aunt and uncle), but Avery got to have ALL of her cousins there this year! Craig's brother Chad and his family came from Texas and the kids had a blast together! Not to mention, so did the brothers and their fireworks. You can see how much Avery enjoyed it. She had her hands on her ears most of the time, and after a while, we went in--I am not much of a fireworks fan! But we did have tons of good food, fun in the pool, and fun times with our family!


Vashey Fam said...

Hello! Thanks for voting! Of course I remember you and your sister! Your daughter is so cute and photogenic!