Monday, October 19, 2009

Tulsa Fair '09

(for some reason I am having problems embedding the slideshow that I normally do. Just click on the picture above--it's a link to the Picasa site where I make the slideshows. You can click on the word "slideshow" there and see it bigger anyway. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon.)

The fair is so much fun to go to with Avery! She loves everything and it's really not that fun to go without her! Last year was her first year and I promise you she has talked about it off and on since last year. This girl does not forget a thing. So it finally came back around and Grandma graciously watched Bailey while we went for a fun evening together. The only bummer was they weren't selling wristbands for the kiddie rides like last year so we had to use tickets for each ride which made it way more expensive and we didn't get to ride very many things. Mommy got to ride everything with Avery this year because last year I was pregnant and missed out on the rides. (Don't worry, we don't ride anything more scary than the ferris wheel!)
Avery LOVED the Just for Kids building and we did, too. They had a huge sandbox, areas with legos and blocks, areas with ride on toys and tricycles, craft areas for make-and-takes, and even more things that we didn't get around to. We stuffed ourselves with lots of bad for you food, but all in all had a great night together!


Emily said...

What a fun night out with Avery! She's so cute on that video!!