Friday, October 30, 2009

First Biter Biscuit

Bailey had her first biter biscuit yesterday and OH MY, was it messy! I forgot just how messy these things were! Wow. I made the mistake of giving this to her clothed and after lunch instead of after dinner when she is going straight to the tub anyway. So needless to say she had an extra bath that day! But the important thing was she enjoyed it and it kept her busy while I ate my lunch! Yay for biter biscuits, mess or not!

Here is the progression:

Oh yes, I'm messy. :)

Hmm, what happens if I touch my hair?

Oh yes, then I look like this. :)

OK, bathtime! I do love bathtime. Anything to get myself into this tub!


Emily said...

Gosh, she's really starting to look so much older!

Amy Smith said...

It is the best when they can feed themselves. I remember life changing quite a bit around then.