Monday, October 19, 2009

A Visit to Aunt Staci's

(slideshow still not working. Just click on this link to see the slideshow from Picasa's site)

On October 8th, my mom, the girls, and I took a trip to visit my sister Staci. She lives in Centreville, Virginia which is just outside of Washington DC. It was a quick plane trip to DFW, then a 3 hour flight to Virginia. The girls were SO good! I couldn't have asked for better travelers! We had lots of fun with Aunt Staci and took two trips to DC. The second time we took the metro which was kind of fun and way less stressful than trying to drive to DC and find a parking garage which is what we did the first time. All of the sights were great and we did A LOT of walking! Once again though the girls were troopers and took naps in the car/strollers/on Mommy...whatever it took. They whined less than I did! (I had blisters on my feet after walking at least 5 miles that first trip...seriously...we calculated it and we walked at least 5 miles!) Thanks for letting us bunk with you Aunt Staci and sharing all of your wonderful organic food! Avery had a blast and learned how to play on Aunt Staci's iphone. Nona was a huge help with the girls as always and I could not have traveled there without her! A couple of times, we were RUNNING to our gate so we didn't miss the plane and once when my mom was holding Avery so she could run faster, Avery yelled, "RUN NONA RUN!" It was so hilarious! See captions on the pictures for more descriptions. And sorry, there are a TON!


Robertson's said...

Kate and I just caught up on your blog - she still remembers ya'll!! She wants to play on your playground she said - makes me sad to think about not being around anymore. We are planning to have a long visit in OK in November, so we should make it to visit everyone.