Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday

He is Risen! Easter Sunday was a wonderful day spent celebrating our Lord's resurrection with family. We went to Texas for the weekend and had a wonderful time. Avery got her Easter basket with various goodies and toys from Mommy, Nona, and Aunt Staci and Aunt Jenna! I know I went a little overboard on Avery's outfit, but I couldn't help it! She got her hair curled for the first time and even though she did wear them for the pictures, she did not wear her gloves or hat otherwise. This was the first time she has ever sat through an entire worship service! She does not like to go in the nursery at Nona's church, and who can blame her in a totally different place? So she got to sit in Big Church and did a pretty excellent job for a 2 year old! We didn't have to take her out once. Her aunts said she looked like Driving Miss Daisy, but I thought she looked like Holly Hobby. (Let's see who knows who that is!) She was beautiful and she even got to take some pictures with her cousins who came over for lunch. They were all so cute! A couple of these pictures are going in frames!