Friday, March 28, 2008

Riding a Horse

Avery and Chloe got to see a lot of horses yesterday! A man in our church lives close by and has a lot of horses and a new colt, so Christy asked him if we could bring the girls over for a visit and he said sure. Avery has seen horses before, but not this many and not this close up! He had about 16 of them! At the end of the visit, one of the horses was already saddled up because she had been ridden and Mr. Clarence asked Avery and Chloe if they wanted to sit on him. I was shocked that Avery wanted to and once she was up there, she didn't want to get down! Chloe was a little more nervous about it and wouldn't get on, and that really surprised me. They had fun, though, and didn't really want to leave! Christy did especially when she stepped right by a little snake as we were leaving! Oh, well, that's life on a farm!


Cole and Christy said...

You mean that gigantic rattlesnake, that went right by my foot with just a flip flop on it:)