Friday, March 28, 2008

Sesame Street Live!

Mr. Don, our next door neighbor, works at KXOJ and got us 4 free tickets to go see Sesame Street Live at the Mabee Center! We were so excited, and we invited Christy and Chloe to come with us since Daddy said he didn't really want to go. (Imagine that!) It was so incredible and both the girls loved it and had a great time! The characters looked exactly like on the show and their voices were the same. It would have been worth it even if we had paid for it. Avery was yelling "Elmo! Big Bird! Cookie Monster! Ernie! Bert!" and every other character. She knows all the characters from some of her toys, books, and yes, Mommy even lets her watch some Sesame Street on TV every now and then. It is pretty educational. :)
I thought it was a really special time for us. This is really silly, but when I saw how excited Avery was when the characters first came out, I got really choked up and teary-eyed. She just loved it and I was glad to have that fun time with her.


Emily said...

How fun! Jacob knows some of the characters too - especially Elmo. I think he would love it. Glad you guys got to enjoy that.