Monday, November 15, 2010


This year we actually went to a different pumpkin patch called PumpkinTown with our friends the Bakers.  They are homeschooling, too, and are a lot of fun to get together with!  Avery loves Peyton, and I’m sure everyone at PumpkinTown that day got sick of hearing her call to Peyton the entire time!  It was, “Peyton, let’s do this!  Peyton, let’s do that!  Peyton, come over here!”  and on and on!  I’m so glad we have a homeschooling family to get together with for activities like this! 

It was pretty fun and had lots of things for the kids to do.  I had totally planned to go to Carmichaels like we always do, later in the month with Daddy, but alas, it didn’t happen.  Oh well, next year!

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