Monday, November 15, 2010

Dressing Up

The girls have really been into dressing up lately!  We moved the playroom downstairs and changed the upstairs into our schoolroom, and the girls have played with their toys SO MUCH lately!  It’s amazing what a change it made just making their toys more accessible and just organizing them better and moving them to a different spot.  I also moved the dress-ups in there and I love seeing them play dress-up!

Bailey doesn’t dress up a lot in the clothes, but she LOVES the shoes!  I put them all in the same place, very accessible to her, and she changes shoes several times a day and walks around the house in them.  It’s hilarious!  Most of these shots are playing after bath time and before bed.

DSC04981 DSC04984 DSC04990 DSC04991 DSC04993

I thought this was cute…Bailey got tired and was ready for bed.



Alexandra said...

That's so sweet with her little head resting on the table!! Playing is so tiring!!!