Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Uncle Carey & Aunt Alana Get Married!

Well Uncle Carey finally got married! The last of the Alexander boys tied the knot and we welcomed Aunt Alana into our family on August 8th. A LOT went into this wedding--mostly from the bride herself, but we all did our parts. Avery and I had money from my Mimi to get our toes done way back when I was pregnant with Bailey, but we never had the time to do it, so the perfect occasion finally came up! We went to get pedicures (well Avery just had her toenails painted) and then she sat on my lap while I had mine done. She was so good and loved it, and even got little flowers on her big toes. She felt like a big girl and I loved doing this with her.
The next day was the wedding and everthing went off without a single problem! It was wonderful and everything was really pretty. Alana did most of the things herself like bouquets, centerpieces, etc. She did a great job. Craig and his brother Chris were the best men and Avery was a flower girl with her cousins Hayden and Kate. Their cousins Austin and Ashton along with Carey and Alana's son Kaeden were the ring bearers and they all looked adorable. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the ceremony, just random ones from getting ready and the reception. The whole night turned out really well, but let's just say we are all glad it's over! :) I know Carey and Alana are glad to resume normal life. The funniest thing from the night was the way that Avery danced. I mean that girl DANCED through the whole reception! It was probably one of the latest times she has stayed up and she was a party animal! I don't know where she gets it because neither Craig or I can dance or even want to. She had so much fun dancing with her cousins that she sat down to eat her wedding cake, took one bite and then said she wanted to go dance some more. What? This child LOVES cake! I couldn't believe my ears! Anyway, we had a great time...enjoy the pics! (You can double click the slideshow to see it bigger.)


Alexandra said...

What a beautiful family you have! I'm so glad everything is going well in your world....I can't wait to start MOPs here next week and I will be thinking of you guys and your great group!

Man that girl can dance and she just looks like a beautiful princess!

Robertson's said...

You look great Cheyenne! The wedding looked beautiful.