Monday, September 7, 2009


Avery has started soccer this fall at Soccer City. She's doing the Lil' Kickers program and she loves it! It's really more of a soccer class than regular soccer. They meet once a week for 50 minutes and the coaches play soccer related games with them and teach them soccer skills in fun ways. It's non-competitive for now which I like. I have some pictures, but they are on Craig's mom's camera so I will have to get them from her and then upload some. She has a jersey and everything! It's really great the way the coaches encourage them and teach them skills even though the kids think they're just playing and having fun. This seems right up Avery's alley to me and she loves running around and kicking the ball into the goal! She's pretty good in my opinion and I hope she is more athletic than me! Pictures of my soccer sweetie to come.


Alexandra said...

I so wanted to enroll Grant in something like that this year and even looked at the Lil' Kickers program just in case God was going to let us stay in Tulsa, but they don't have ANYTHING like that here. It's so weird no toddler sports, no Little Gym, no Mommy and Me stuff....I guess Michigan hasn't gotten the memo yet. I'm so glad she is loving it!