Monday, August 17, 2009

Bailey Sitting Up & Scream/Laughing

These pictures are when Bailey first started sitting up (a month ago). She was so funny with her legs spread apart and trying to balance. I love the way her nose is scrunched up in the other two pictures and it looks like she is trying to feed her baby a bottle but actually she was chewing on it herself. :) She is sitting up so well now that I can just plop her down and know that she won't tip over. She can even get from her tummy to a sitting position all on her own! She is a VERY active girl!

These two videos are of a very funny laugh/scream type noise that Bailey was doing a little while back. It has now changed into a high pitched squealy scream which is really fun for her to do when we're all sitting down in a restaurant. :) I seem to remember Avery going through this phase and I think we ate at home a lot then. Ha ha!


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Bailey looks so much like Avery in the picture on the video cover! She's a doll...and Avery is too!:)