Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing and Bath

Avery and I tried to entice Bailey to stay awake with her Baby Einstein play mat, but she wasn't very interested in it yet. Avery loves to play with Bailey's baby toys right now because they're all new to her again. I try to explain that she played with those when she was a baby and now she plays with her big girl toys, but she doesn't care!
The other pictures are of Bailey's second bath. Sorry sweetheart, but Mommy was too frazzled to get the camera on the first bath. It took Mommy and Nona to hold Bailey and Avery (so she could see) and there was no one here to hold the camera! So at least we got pictures and video of her second bath.


Cole and Christy said...

She looks so much like Avery!!!!
Please take a pic and email me Avery's battle wounds!