Saturday, January 3, 2009

Painting Cookies

There were so many cute pictures from this event that I had to do a separate post. After opening all of our Christmas presents and eating breakfast the morning of the 26th, we came home to give Avery a much needed nap and then headed back over for more family fun that evening. One of the traditions in Craig's family that he did all growing up was painting cookies. His mom makes these sour cream cookies and cuts them out with the kind of cookie cutters that make imprints on the top. She made several bowls with evaporated milk and food coloring and the kids actually use paint brushes to "paint" their cookies, then when they are baked, they come out beautifully colored. They also add sprinkles! Craig and his brothers did this every year and now the tradition is being carried on with the grandkids. They had a blast and this was Avery's first year to participate (and eat all the ones she painted!). She especially loved doing the sprinkles and several times tried to shake the sprinkle container right into her mouth. I finally settled on letting her lick some sprinkles out of her hand and it was hilarious! So that's what you see in the pictures with the tongue out. :) She had so much fun and I know she will love to do it every year!