Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread Train

notice the finger above trying to get some "crosting"!

tongue out in concentration :)

Yay! Finally done!

I guess this was a year of starting lots of traditions and since our MOPS Night Out got cancelled due to weather (we were supposed to make gingerbread houses together), Avery and Mommy got to make it instead! I bought a gingerbread train kit instead of a house and Avery had so much fun sticking on all the candy! This was after she had eaten half of the "crosting" bag and licked every other piece of loose "crosting" she could get her fingers on! Yes, she still calls frosting "crosting" and I can't bear to correct her because there is hardly anything she doesn't say correctly. She talks so much like a grown-up... so I will savor "crosting and lello" as long as I can. In case you don't know, her favorite color is "Lello" and she will tell you all about it if you ask!