Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Train

About 5 years ago Craig and I went with some friends to see The Christmas Train in Dry Gulch, USA. It's a town about an hour away and we had a great time back then, but haven't been back since. This year some other friends invited us and we knew Avery would have a blast! She did! The Christmas Train is put on by a large church in the area. It's basically like an old western town with restaurants, gift-shop type stores, vendors selling hot chocolate and even funnel cakes! They have redone a ton of stuff since we were there last and now they have a huge playground area and even a carousel! Santa has his own house and he was there if you wanted to wait in the long line to take a picture with him. There's a western musical show, and the best part is a real train that runs around the town with pictures along the sides telling the story of the bible basically. It begins with creation, moving to the birth of Jesus and finally his death and resurrection. After the train ride, they have a theater that you go in and you hear the testimony of the pastor of the church telling his life story and how The Christmas Train got started. They even give you a CD to take home explaining "The Gift." Everyone that works here is dressed in old western clothing and they have carriage rides and everything. It's pretty incredible. Despite the temperature being in the 30s (granted, I was not cold at all with my own personal furnace in my belly!), we bundled up and braved it. Avery had the best time and it was worth getting home and getting her to bed at 11 pm that night!