Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moving Day

When Craig brought home the giant U-Haul on moving day, Avery thought it was awesome! She really wanted to help push the first few boxes to the back of the truck and after a few of those, she was done with that! She loved playing in the truck and Grandpa brought donuts the first couple of mornings that we moved, so she got to eat her first one in the big empty truck. She loved climbing up and down the ramp from the ground to the truck and when the guys were on break, she would roll her ball up and down the ramp, too. It was a fun experience for her and I am so happy with how well she has adjusted to our new house. She has not had any problems whatsoever and loves the new house. We love it, too, although I will love it more when some of the updates are done! Sorry for those of you waiting for pictures! Our granite countertops are going to be in soon and the wallpaper in the kitchen is coming down hopefully next weekend, so when I have some semi-before/after pics, I will post some!


Anonymous said...

The kitchen is "coming down?" What in the world do you mean by that?

~Rachel R.