Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

The other day we finally bought two large pumpkins for the porch and tonight after dinner Craig, Avery, and I all carved them. Well, Avery helped dig out about 3 seeds, then she just ran around the yard while Craig did most of the work and then he and I each carved a face on one. Avery's too little for knives anyway! But she did enjoy the candle part and at first she thought it was someone's birthday. I guess she thinks candles are only for birthday cakes. When I told Craig we were ready for the candle, she went inside and got a birthday cake candle out of the pantry and brought it to me! It was so cute. Then she just wanted to blow them out because that's her favorite part of birthdays! Anyway, here are our two smiling faces to grace the porch on Halloween.


Emily said...

Good job on your pumpkins! They're adorable.