Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Girl Bed

I snuck in at naptime to get a rare picture of Avery sleeping!

I finally made the time to get out the toddler rail to Avery's bed and put it up. I wanted to do this in our new house, but since we are moving next week, I thought I would give her a little while to get used to it in the old house before making two changes on her at once. I will change the bed to a double bed probably around Christmas before the baby comes or whenever her bedding is ready. I am calling her toddler bed her "little girl bed" so when we change it to a double bed, we will call it her "big girl bed." Hopefully she will be comfortable sleeping in it the way it is for a while in the new house that way she will feel all settled before we make another change on her and then a huge change when the baby gets here! She has slept in it for 2 nights now and has done so well! I was afraid she would get up to play with toys, but she hasn't gotten up once! Even after naptime and nighttime she stays in there and calls for me! I'm so proud of her.