Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 Wheeler & Horses

I love to play in the dirt!

This was my old spring horse from when I was Avery's age! It's still getting good use!

On our way to Florida last month we were at my parents a couple days to get that ultrasound that revealed our precious new baby is a girl! These are a few pictures from the one night we were there when Avery and Craig got to enjoy Pop's new 4 Wheeler for an afternoon! They both loved it of course and Avery still begs to go back and ride it! Also, the horses are getting friendlier, especially the gray one, Lola. She is an attention-hog and loves you to pet her. Avery talks about the horses all the time and asks to go to Pop and Nona's all the time so we can see them and feed them. There are three now and she calls them "RubyRockyLola"...all one word! It's hilarious. I'm not sure why she doesn't use "and" but she seems to do it to other people, too!