Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th

We spent the 4th of July with Craig's parents. All of the other brothers/families were doing other things so it was just the four of us and Grandma and Grandpa. We had fun relaxing and did a lot of eating! We went to the fireworks show here in town at the end of the day but were sorely disappointed when it ended halfway through because of some set-up falling over and ruining the rest of the fireworks. Oh well. The ones we saw were pretty and Avery enjoyed them which was the point anyway! Fireworks definitely are at the bottom of my favorites list, but they are at the top of Craig's! So he was probably the most disappointed and almost refused to leave in hopes that they were going to fix what was wrong! We didn't find out what had happened until we watched the news later. Maybe next year, Daddy.

Look how big she looks!! And ahhh, the ever open mouth! :)
Grandpa got a watermelon (Avery's favorite) and she was choosing her "side"
Oh Bailey will love me one day for this shot! I didn't realize Craig was getting this angle! If the watermelon was all eaten but the rind, she could've fit right into one half of it!
One of Craig's father's day gifts was a horseshoe set. He just recently played and really liked it so we got him his own set. Too bad it's plastic and he says you have to put the stakes really close together to even allow the horseshoes to reach the other! Avery still liked it and it was quality time with Daddy.
Grandma has a set of dress up clothes at her house and Avery has really been into them lately. There are several coordinated outfits in there, but Avery apparently like to mix and match!


Emily said...

We got Justin a horseshoe set for Father's Day too!!