Friday, February 27, 2009

Sorry Ladies, He's Taken!

This post is dedicated solely to bragging on my wonderful husband. Actually, this post should have been written long ago! But I have been reminded how wonderful he is over the last several months. Not very long ago, I was largely pregnant...yes, very large. I hardly ever felt like doing anything--chores, cooking, getting Avery ready for bed, and Craig stepped up like most husbands wouldn't. He never once complained or said he was ready for the pregnancy to be over. He just came home from work and cleaned the kitchen if it needed it, picked up dinner a lot, made dinner for he and Avery if I wasn't feeling like eating, and the list goes on and on. He is so selfless and has such a servant's heart, I could not ask for a better husband! At times when I would apologize for letting the house go or for not cooking dinner in months, he would say, "I don't's no big deal to me!" What a man! Even if he really did care, he never once showed it and was so supportive through the whole thing. He listened to me complain about how uncomfortable I was and he was always ready to play with Avery the second he got home to give me a break. Many Saturday mornings, he would say to Avery after she crawled in bed with us, "Let's get up and let Mommy sleep." What a sweetheart! He has always been the best dad in the world, playing with Avery, giving her a bath almost every night and getting her ready for bed, reading her books and putting her clothes on her when I was running late (Yes that was often :) Lately since Bailey has been born, he has had to endure through more weeks of a not-so-clean house, a little more take-out and quickie dinners, and a lot of extras that he shouldn't have to do. But he still has never complained once or asked me when I was going to get back into the swing of things. Not once. A few days ago when I needed to mail Avery's birthday invitations out that day and realized I had no stamps, he so graciously used his lunch hour to drive the 20 minutes home from work, get the invitations, then take them to the post office to mail them, then drive the 20 minutes back to work, all so I wouldn't have to get both girls and myself ready, in the car, and out to the post office. What an amazing man! Today, Bailey was in need of some medicine for her acid reflux that we are finally figuring out that she has, and so I wouldn't have to wake her up from a nap and again get both girls out into the cold weather, he so selflessly used his lunch hour to drive to Jenks, go to Walgreens to get the medicine, and bring it home to us so she could have the medicine by her next feeding.
I realize you may not still be reading this at this point, but I had to explain to you just how much I love this husband of mine and how grateful for him I am. Later, I hope my girls will look back on this post and understand how wonderful their daddy really is. We could not ask for better. I know by now you are probably very jealous of us :), but sorry ladies, he's taken!!!


Emily said...

Way to go, Craig!! :)