Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

Well, we finally changed Avery's bed into a double bed and now she has her "big girl bed"! She loves it and like a champ has transitioned once again like a pro without any fuss whatsoever! I have been so impressed with how she has gone through big changes that I thought would bother her, but they haven't at all! She never had a problem when we changed her bed from a crib to a toddler bed, moved to a new house, or changed her bed once again to a double bed. Let's pray that she acts the same when Bailey is born!
Oh, also, please take note of another one-of-a-kind Nona-made quilt on Avery's bed. I found a Pottery Barn quilt that I really wanted but of course it was discontinued (and too expensive anyway!) so Nona (my mom) made it from the picture and I think it looks better! She is still making the pillow shams and accent pillow so that will be on at a later time. What would we do without our Nona?! Our beds wouldn't look nearly as pretty! THANK YOU NONA!! (ps. she also made the curtains in the background!)