Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Polished Toes

Avery has always been interested in my polished toenails, but I have never wanted to mess with trying to put polish on a toddler! Well, today I noticed a couple girls in her Sunday School class had their toes polished, and she also asked me today to put some on her toes. I thought she was old enough to obey and not touch it until it dried. So we sat in the kitchen and she let me polish her toenails pink and thankfully it dried very quickly so she didn't have to resist touching it for too long! Our little girl is growing up so fast! Also, I have to add that she has been saying hi to the new baby lately. She will lean over and say "Hi Baby" and kiss my tummy! It's so sweet. Then on the flip side of the sweetness, she tried to see what the baby was doing in Wal-Mart the other day by lifting up my shirt! Oh the things to look forward to as the belly grows... :)


Anonymous said...

SHUT UP. Give her to me. Those are so "Jenna feet" that she has. Poor girl.
I LOVE it. Oh my goodness, I miss her. Sooooo cute.