Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend in Texas

Wow, this weekend held a lot! We had a busy time in Texas visiting Nona and Pop. We even went down on Thursday night to give us an extra day, but it is always a whirlwind when we go to Texas just for the weekend. We went to our nephew Austin's soccer game which was great! 4, 5, and 6 year olds playing soccer is just too cute. Austin is really good and scored 2 or 3 goals! Then that night, we went to our niece Ashley's ballet recital. She was really good and brave for dancing in front of all of those people! In between those two events we spent a while in the minor emergency clinic in Longview because Craig decided to fracture his thumb while he and my dad were working on the fence. Tractors and city boys just don't mix I guess. :) But he's ok and will see an orthopedic specialist tomorrow. We all got to meet Rocky, the new pony, for the first time. He is so cute, but really shy and won't come up to you yet. Also, my dad's cows all have baby calves now, so there's one picture of that, too. What a fun, but busy weekend!


Justin said...

doesn't Craig know you are suppose to move your thumb away when you hit the nail with the hammer?