Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bailey’s Hair and A Comparison

I am so amazed at how much hair Bailey has in the back at this age.  Maybe I just don’t remember well but I don’t remember Avery’s being this long at 12 months.  I love how long it’s getting (it really looks long when it’s wet) and I love how it’s curling just a little bit on the ends.  Just wanted to document this.

Picture 431

Also, let’s do a comparison.  Here’s Avery at 12 months.

Picture 146

And here’s Bailey at 12 months.

Picture 419a

They do look a lot alike I guess.  I never would have remembered that Avery’s face was a little chunkier.  Their noses look the same to me, too.  What do you think?


Emily said...

They're definitely sisters! So cute.

Robertson's said...

They do look a lot alike - Bailey has more hair. I need to do a comparison post - cute idea!